E-filing in CIAC?

 Posted By: je froilan m. clerigo

2 days ago in an arbitration case we handled, after both parties were through with their direct and cross-exams of the witnesses, the CIAC (that's Construction Industry Arbitration Commission) sole arbitrator instructed the parties to file their draft decisions; we were pleasantly surprised when he told us that we should file it by e-mailing it to him directly.

We wonder when the filing with the CIAC itself can be made electronically. Or, for that matter, when will the judiciary itself adopt electronic filing? It is much speedier than regular mail, entails no out of pocket costs for clients, and is much less cumbersome. Because it is digital, searching through court records will obviously be a snap. Best of all, because it is paperless, we will lessen the file folders littering our courtrooms, which, to say the least, makes them really unsightly and feel cramped.